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Our Best Price EVER on the 16 channel -     TK-3300U16P

TK-3300LU16P, Kenwood ProTalk twoway business radio, UHF, 16 channel, 2 watt radio

TK-3300LU16P, Kenwood ProTalk twoway business radio, UHF, 16 channel, 2 watt radio
TK-3300U16P, This is Kenwood's Pro Talk series of UHF, sixteen channel, two watt radio. The Kenwood TK-3300 series portable is newly redesigned for optimum job site communications in manufacturing, industrial, construction, warehousing, retail and hospitality venues.
Frequency Range 450 to 470 Megahertz
Channel spacing 25 kHz and 12.5 kHz
Channel steps 5, 6.25 kHz
Operating temperature range -22 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
Frequency stability +/- 2.5 ppm
Battery life with KNB 29 N 1500maH battery 14 hours with Battery saver feature off 18 hours with Battery saver feature on
Battery life with KNB 45 Lithium maH battery 17 hours with Battery saver feature off 22 hours with Battery saver feature on
Dimensions Width 2.13" Height 4.8" Depth 1.3"
Weight with KNB29N battery 12.7 ounces
Weight with KNB45L battery 9.9 ounces
Receiver sensitivity 0.25 UV wide band 0.28 UV narrow band
Selectivity Wide 70 db Narrow 60 db
Intermodulation distortion 65db wide 60 db narrow
Spurious response 60 db
Audio output 500 MW with less than 10% distortion
Transmitter RF output 2 watt high and 1 watt low power
Features Benefits
Compact Design Ergonomic contours of the ProTalk naturally fit the hand for a superbly comfortable hold. The non-slip elastomer channel knob and switch torque ensures positive selection and resists accidental changing.
15 Channel capability Plenty of capacity for multiple channels or radio systems.
Frequency and QT/DQT 56 prestored frequencies. 39 CTCSS tones available as well as 83 Digital QT selections. Users can program radio to any of the prestored frequencies assuring compatibility with virtually all existing systems.
Super Lock Managers can "Super Lock" all user controls (except Push to Talk and Volume) to prevent accidental channel changes.
Wireless cloning This wireless feature simplifies the setup of several Protalk two way radios to function identically and eliminates repetitive setup actions of individual radios.
Calling Alert Pressing the Calling Alert key while transmitting causes an alert tone to sound from the other radio's speaker. This a useful function to signal staff in noisy environments.
Internal VOX Hands free ready Voice Operated Transmit is invaluable for specialized tasks or events that require repetitive hands-free communications. The radio itself provides automatic PTT action, so the user simply talks, VOX works with a Kenwood-compatible headset.
Tough and water resistant Built tough for rugged work environments, the ProTalk has been designed to pass industrial drop tests, international IP54/55 water and dust intrusion tests and 11 categories of the US Department of Defense MIL-STD 810 C,D,E & F environmental standards test.
2 Watts Transmit power out 6 Miles of range over clear terrain. Range will vary according to terrain and buildings.
Other features Scan, battery saver feature, low battery warning, time out timer and channel confirmation mode.

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