TK-3202LU16P Kenwood 4 watt 16 channel 2way radio, Lithium-Ion battery TK-3202LU16P, Kenwood ProTalk two way radio

TK-3202LU16P, Kenwood Protalk twoway business radio, Uhf, 4 watt, 16 channels

Kenwood Tk3202LU16P 4 watt radio
TK-3202LU16P, Kenwood Protalk twoway business radio, Uhf, 4 watt, 16 channels
Kenwood ProTalk's compact TK-3202LU16P high power 4 watt two way radio, based on a proven design, represents ergonomic excellence. Pick one up and you will immediately appreciate how easy it is to use. Powerful too: 4 watt radio equipped with scan, and built in VOX, Kenwood Protalks TK3302 offers reliable performance in all conditions, thanks to MIL STD 810 & IP54/55 weatherproofing. Indoors or out, rain or shine, the smart new TK-3202LU16P is a star performer!
Frequency Range 450 to 470 Megahertz
Channels 16
Channel spacing (wide/narrow) 25 kHz / 12.5 kHz
Channel step 5, 6.25 kHz
Operating Voltage 7.5 VDC
Battery Life with KNB45L lithium-ion 2200 maH battery 22 hours (using battery saver option)
Operating temperature range -22 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
Frequency stability +/- 2.5 ppm
Antenna impedance 50 Ohms
Dimensions 2.13" Width 4.8" tall 1.3 thick
Weight 9.9 ounces
Sensitivity 0.25 UV wide band 0.28 UV narrow band
Selectivity Wide band 70db Narrow band 60 db
Spurious response 60 db
Audio Output 500 MW with less than 10% distortion
RF power output 4 Watts high power 1 watt low power
Features Benefits
Compact Design The TK3202LU16P's rounded ergonomic contours naturally fit the hand for a superbly comfortable hold, while the non-slip elastomer channel knob with improved torque characteristics ensures positive selector operation.
Internal VOX Enjoy the convenience of hands-free operation using any optional headset accessory. The internal VOX (voice operated transmission) provides PTT control with the simple act of talking. VOX is great for specialized tasks and events where hands-free, constant or repetitive communcation are necessary. (10 level sensitivity adjustment)
Function Keys The two side PF1 and PF2 keys make functions easily available on the TK3202LU16P, with PF1 key for activating the Lock function and PF2 key for scan w/ temporary delete function permitting a custom usage for specific users.
Lock Lock all user controls (except PTT and volume) to prevent accidental channel changes.
Scan Scanning is a simple way to monitor multiple channels and the TK3202LU16P (16 channel capacity) offers scan modes.
Voice Annunciation Wen the channel turns and selected other channel, TK3202LU16P will tell you channel number
Wireless Cloning This wireless feature simplifies the setup of several radios to function identically and eliminates repetitive set up actions of individual radios. (dealers function only)
Other Features Time out Timer, Battery saver and Low battery warning tones, Voice Scrambler
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