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TK-2300V4P Kenwood Protalk Twoway Radio, Vhf, 2 watts -     TK-2300V4P

TK-2300V4P, Kenwood ProTalk VHF radio

TK-2300V4P, Kenwood ProTalk VHF radio
TK-2300V4P, This is Kenwood's Pro Talk series of Vhf, 4 channel, two watt radio. The Kenwood TK-2300 series portable is newly redesigned for optimum job site communications in manufacturing, industrial, construction, warehousing, retail and hospitality venues. New features include “Super Lock” that disables all but PTT and volume settings to prevent accidental channel changes. The TK-2300 now has wireless cloning to duplicate setup of multiple units, which is a dealer option. Ideal for high noise environments, the Calling Alert button produces a high decibel alert tone to accompany a transmission. The large channel knob and switch torque have been redesigned for optimum fine-tuning and now uses a high tech, non-slip, elastomer material. The “Time-Out Timer”, another Kenwood exclusive, automatically shuts down the transmit function, while allowing receive-only, to conserve battery
Vhf 150-170 Mhz capable
2 watts rf transmit power
20 db quiet reciever @ .25 microvolts rf
500 Milliwatts of audio
Standard battery Ni-MH 1500 mAh
3 hour rechargable battery
Desktop Fast Charger
Features Benefits
Uhf 2 watts Powerful for it's size and low price
4 channel capable Diversifies your employee departments
User programmable features Program frequency and codes without the use of a computer
Wireless Cloning Duplicate frequency and codes from radio to radio without the use of a computer
500 milliwatt Speaker Loud receive audio for high noise environments
Programmable QT and DQT Increased privacy from adjacent users (Per channel)
VOX (Voice Operated Transmit) Hands free operation
Channel scan Monitor all channels simultaneously by pressing a button
Super Lock Defeats programmable operation
Small and Lightweight Ergonomically compatible
Meets Military Specs STD 810 C,D,E & F Rugged durability for longer life
Die-cast chassis Won't bend and flex the printed circuit board
Polycarbonate Case Space age lightweight material for added durability
Weather-Sealed Construction Meets military standard for dust, water, and chemical exposure
Two color LED Blinks Green when receiving signal and Red while transmitting
Time out timer Prevents extended transmit periods
18 Hours of operation (5/5/90 Standard) Longlasting 1500 mAh battery good for the entire shift length
Low Battery Alert Notifies user when to change and/or recharge battery
2 year Limited Warranty One of the longest manufacturer's warrantys in the industry

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KBH-10, Spring action belt clipKBH-10, Spring action belt clipKBH-10, Spring action belt clip (same as provided with radio) for use with Kenwood Protalk Two way radio model series TK2100, Tk3100, TK3101, TK3102, TK2200, TK3200, TK3202, specifically, TK-3200U2P, TK3200U2p, TK-2200V2P, TK2200V2P, TK-3200U8P, TK3200U8P, TK-2200V8P, TK2200V8P, TK3300, TK3302, TK2300, TK2302, TK3400U4P, TK3400U16P, TK3402U16P, TK2400V4P, TK2400U16P and TK240216P 
KNB-45L for 3300/2300 series radiosKNB-45L for 3300/2300 series radiosThis is Kenwood Protalk highest capacity lithium ion battery, 2000maH, 22 hours of operation with battery saver option on, supplied with the 3300 and 2300 series of ProTalk two way radios, also supplied with the TK3300LU4P, TK3300U16P, TK3302U16P, TK2300V4P, TK2300V16P, AND TK2302V16P
KRA-26M, VHF helical antennaKRA-26M, VHF helical antennaKRA-26M, VHF helical antenna ( Same as supplied with TK2200, Tk2202, TK2300, and TK2302 ) Range 148-162 MHz, KRA-26M, VHF helical antenna, antenna for the protalk tk2200, Tk2202, TK2300, and TK2302 allow your Kenwood Protalk radio to work as designed and use only Original Kenwood ProTalk accessories
KSC-35, Kenwood Protalk rapid rate charger for the new Lithium Ion batteriesKSC-35, Kenwood Protalk rapid rate charger for the new Lithium Ion batteriesKSC-35, Kenwood Protalk rapid rate charger for the new Lithium Ion batteries. Use for the older Kenwood TK-3200/2200 series Protalk Radio, and the newer TK-3300/2300 series ProTalk radios including the TK-3302/2302 series Protalk Radios
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