Kenwood two way Radio Programming, Cloning, and, Available Frequencies

Kenwood ProTalk radio programming instructions

   The Kenwood ProTalk two way radio series, as well as the Kenwood FreeTalk two way radio series offer versatile USER PROGRAMMING functionality. Each series of radio comes with a default list of frequencies programmed in from the Kenwood ProTalk Factory. The end user can begin using the radios right out of the box on the default list, or, if need be, change the frequencies as required using the available frequencies and QT/DQT codes listed in the Available Frequency Table.

   Note that each model of Kenwood ProTalk or Kenwood FreeTalk radio has default frequency lists which may or may not correspond to other Kenwood ProTalk or Kenwood FreeTalk models. It is to your benefit to research your selections closely. If you have questions, feel free to give us a call. See our Contact Us page for detailed contact information.

Programming instructions for TK2200/TK3200/TK2202/TK3202

ProTalk TK2200/TK3200/TK2202/TK3202

This transceiver allows you to reprogram each of the channels with different frequencies and Quiet Talk/ Digital Quiet Talk settings. The tables listed below will give you the Programming instructions, Default Programming information, and the Available Frequency List.

Click here to view a printable pdf for programming instructions

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