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TK-3230 Kenwood ProTalk Announces it's newest addition


William J Erickson

Radio Service, Inc.

    This week Kenwood USA announces it's newest addition to the ProTalk line of business two way radio. The Kenwood ProTalk TK-3230 is a close resemblance to its predecessor, the TK-3130. The most significant differences are not easy to see. Because of the successful ergonomics of the TK3130, Kenwood has kept the size profile nearly exactly the same. Mere ounces, not pounds!

   The unseen differences are the true high point with the TK-3230. An increase of %50 percent more power than the TK-3130, jumping form 1,000 milliamps of rf power, up to a significantly higher 1,500 milliamps of power output. The radio is filled with feature rich designs including FleetSync and scan capabilities.

   This is Kenwood's Pro Talk series of UHF, two channel, 1.5 watt radio. The Pro Talk XLS is the latest member of the Pro Talk family of on-site radios. This lightweight and compact radio has a number of innovative features and is ideal for use in retail, restaurant, educational and service industry applications. All the features are menu driven and the lighted display gives the user status icons.

   The Pro Talk XLS has 1.5 watt of power and has 8 pre-programmed "star" business frequencies. The user can choose which one or two of these frequencies to use. There are 38 conventional sub-channels/privacy tones and 83 additional digital sub-channels/privacy tones. The radio comes with a rapid rate drop-in charger, New! Lithium battery and spring loaded belt clip. FCC license information is included.

   All in all this radio is something to talk about. For the price and features, ergonomics and outstanding warranty, this Kenwood TK-3230 is some of the best bang for the buck.

William J Erickson

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