Nylon cases & belt clips for Kenwood Protalk Kenwood ProTalk Carrying Options
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KBH-10, Spring action belt clipKBH-10, Spring action belt clipKBH-10, Spring action belt clip (same as provided with radio) for use with Kenwood Protalk Two way radio model series TK2100, Tk3100, TK3101, TK3102, TK2200, TK3200, TK3202, specifically, TK-3200U2P, TK3200U2p, TK-2200V2P, TK2200V2P, TK-3200U8P, TK3200U8P, TK-2200V8P, TK2200V8P, TK3300, TK3302, TK2300, TK2302, TK3400U4P, TK3400U16P, TK3402U16P, TK2400V4P, TK2400U16P and TK240216P 
KBH-14 Belt clip TK-3230KBH-14 Belt clip TK-3230KBH-14 belt clip for the Kenwood Protalk XLS TK-3230, spring action, 2.5 inches, KBH-14 Belt clip TK-3230 and also fits the predecessor model TK3130 radios
KLH-126, Nylon caseKLH-126, Nylon caseKLH-126,Nylon case for Kenwoods TK3300, TK2300,TK3302,TK2302,TK3200,TK2200 radios helps protect your two way radio investment with this lightweight Nylon case made especially for the Kenwood ProTalk
KLH-150, Nylon caseKLH-150, Nylon caseKLH150 nylon case for the TK3230 and TK3130 series of Kenwood Protalk XLS series radio, there to protect your investment in Kenwood ProTalk twoway radios and also provides access to the accessory jack
KWR-1, Water resistant bag, protect your investment!KWR-1, Water resistant bag, protect your investment!KWR-1, Water resistant bag. Ideal for any standard size handheld two way radio. Water damage is a potential killer for any make or model of two way radio regardless of the Mil specs. Excellent for jobsites exposed to the outdoors, waterparks, golf courses, poolside, camping, hiking, boating, and more! Spare your equipment from the harsh element and work environments.
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