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KNB-14, for 3100/2100 series radiosKNB-14, for 3100/2100 series radiosKNB-14, 600mAh NiCd Battery for Use with Kenwood two way radio models TK2100, TK3101, and TK3100 Low cost medium duty battery, Use Kenwood Protalk accessories for your Kenwood Protalk two way radios
KNB-15A, for 3100/2100 series radiosKNB-15A, for 3100/2100 series radiosKNB-15A, High Capacity Battery comes standard with Kenwood twoway radio models Tk3101 radio, also fits TK2100, and 3100, Buy only Kenwood Protalk twoway radio batteries, Save at Radio Service on line.
KNB-27N, for 3130/3131 series radiosKNB-27N, for 3130/3131 series radiosKNB-27N, This is a high capacity aftermarket Battery for Kenwood two way radio models TK3130/TK3131 1300 mAh NiMH, KNB-27N, High capacity Battery for Kenwood two way radio models TK3130, TK3131 radios, 1300 mAh NiMH, Kenwood Protalk twoway radio batteries, Save at Radio Service online
KNB-29N, for 2200/3200 series radiosKNB-29N, for 2200/3200 series radiosKenwood ProTalk KNB29N 1500 mAh NiMH battery for the TK3200 TK2200 TK3202 radios offering a 14 hour battery life based on a 5-5-90 usage, use only Kenwood branded batteries for Kenwood ProTalk radios
KNB-45L for 3300/2300 series radiosKNB-45L for 3300/2300 series radiosThis is Kenwood Protalk highest capacity lithium ion battery, 2000maH, 22 hours of operation with battery saver option on, supplied with the 3300 and 2300 series of ProTalk two way radios, also supplied with the TK3300LU4P, TK3300U16P, TK3302U16P, TK2300V4P, TK2300V16P, AND TK2302V16P
KNB-46L for TK3230 series radioKNB-46L for TK3230 series radioKNB-46L,Li-ion battery,Battery for Protalk TK-3230 xls two way radio, Radio Service provides 2way radio sales and service for business,two way radio sales,Kenwood Pro Talk two way radio service
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