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Testimonial: NEVER have we had such WONDERFUL turnaround time in repairs
Pat R.
Purchasing agent CWC Textron

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Kenwood ProTalk two way radio solutions

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 Proven to be one of the most effective tools in any environment, buying two way radios practically pays YOU after the first few months. Read our ROI chart below for details.

Range ?

How far can I talk?


UHF/VHFOpen Areas
No obstructions
Reinforced walls
Verticle Floors
Tall Buildings
1 watt UHF Up to 1 mile Up to 220k square feet Up to 15 floors
1.5 watt UHF Up to 2 miles Up to 250k square feet Up to 17 floors
2 watt UHF Up to 5 miles Up to 275k square feet Up to 20 floors
4 watt UHF Up to 7 miles Up to 350k square feet Up to 30 floors
2 watt VHF Up to 6 miles Up to 220k square feet Up to 13 floors
5 watt VHF Up to 7 miles Up to 300k square feet Up to 18 floors

Battery Life ?

How long can I talk?

Battery Life



Battery Life
Charge Time
TK3230 2000 MAH 14 Hours 2.5 Hours 5.5 oz
TK2400V4/3400U4 2000 MAH 17 Hours 3 Hours 9.9 oz
TK2400V16/TK3400U16 2000 MAH 17 Hours 3 Hours 9.9 oz
TK2402V16/TK3402U16 2000 MAH 12 Hours 3 Hours 9.9 oz


It doesn't pays!

Cost annalasys

Return on Investment - example
Kenwood ProTalk radios can pay for themselves in 2 - 3 months
average wage
A radio saves a worker 7 minutes an hour.
That's 56 extra minutes a day!
Annual Savings for a
12 person staff
$8.00 $1,792.00 per year $21,504.00
$12.00 $2,688.00 per year $32,256.00
$18.00 $4,033.00 per year $48,396.00
What are you waiting for?

Is it all about the best price?

     Of course price is an important factor.  We're pretty sure that if you scour the Internet well enough you MAY find lower prices but, not that much lower.

     Shopping sources, google searches, and big box companies all compete with us for your dollar. What you'll find is that NONE of these sources are authorities on Kenwood ProTalk two way radios. Most won't know the difference between a frequency and a channel, or even have a clue as to what a PL code is. You can't be comfortable with that.

     Shop here and we can guarantee you'll have every question addressed by real technicians that have real hands on experience with the equipment you need. Guraranteed!

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